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Tourist farm Kalska is composed of old renewed house, of a new holiday barn above an old cellar and a gazebo that can be used for many different things.


The name Kalska comes from the master of the house who was a resident of a nearby village called Kal.


The three children born and raised in that house, had left it and after the death of the mother, the house was abandoned. The house was bought and renewed in order to keep the old exterior dimensions and the interior arrangement of rooms adjusted to contemporary life style. There are original beams on the ground floor and in the attic where there are two rooms and one bathroom which give you a feel of a home.  


Hiža – the central room in the attic has sizewise stayed the same, there are 5 typically designed windows with shutters and a statue of saint Mary in the corner. It represents to Mr. Anton, born in this house, not just a decoration but also a reminder of his youth.  


The kitchen on the other side of the corridor has stayed the same dimensions as before and there are additional exterior bars on the windows. These two parts of the house are connected by a staircase and represent one entity big enough for 8 guests.


On the ground floor of the old house is another room with a separate entrance, service space and the reception room.


This house is a part of Zavod za razvoj hiš s tradicijo (The institute for development of traditional houses), that encourages conservation of cultural heritage concerning architecture and customs.


There is an old cellar next to the house that has stayed the same with all built-in materials. We have built a new barn in a traditional manner using no artificial colours or  wood preservative. There is a summer kitchen next to it and an open space suitable for presentations or entertaining over 40 people.


The traditional barn suits the surroundings, but it is modern inside. There is a place for many different occasions on the ground floor of the barn. It can also be used for presentations or lectures for up to 40 people.


Along the barn there is a wide porch and a terrace in front of the entrance where you can relax or rest in the fresh air. In the attic of the barn there are 3 comfortable rooms with bathrooms where up to 9 people can stay.

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