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There is a multi-purpose space on the ground floor of the traditional holiday barn which can be used for entrepreneurial workshops, presentations, seminars and different lectures and social or family gatherings.


Natural materials (stone, wood) have been built-in. Heating and cooling is regulated by a heat pump. A fireplace gives the space an extra decorative effect and a home feel.


Modern lights are easily regulated. There are multiple internet accesses, a big screen and central sound system.


The cabinets are functionally placed into the room, solid wooden chairs and tables can be rearranged as needed.


Loungers on the porch are very popular during breaks for a ‘time-out’ in the fresh air.


At the entrance there are up-to-date designed bathroom facilities.


If the participants wish some snacks, drinks and other food that can also be arranged.


The capacity for the sitting area is 40 participants.


The parking area in front of the barn is big enough for 10 cars, all the others can park on the nearby parking lot.



The rooms described above can also be rented in advance.


The price of the rental / per hour, no tax included is 20,00 EUR.


Price agreement for half of the day or one whole day.






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